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Hi, I'm Donalee Paul, your Wholesale Order Representative for Relational Riding Academy. If you are a wholesaler and are interested in products from this page for your retail outlet, please contact me via phone or email. To best serve you, if you email, please include your phone number and the most convenient time to contact you to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your inquiry, I look forward to speaking with you.

Any Horse    
    Any Rider
Relational Riding:™
A Universal Foundation

This instructional video is an introduction to Relational Riding™.
This new horsemanship DVD will give riders immediate results to training techniques, and help them develop a relationship with their horses that is based in understanding, love, trust, and respect. The unique multidisciplinary approach found in this video make it truly useful for any rider with any kind of horse. It's visually interesting and educational format is different than any other video training product on the market. The tips and techniques can be used by horse lovers of all disciplines from recreational riders to serious competitors in western pleasure, hunters, dressage or eventing. Reviewed and endorsed by judges, trainers and riders!

DVD Details
"any Horse any Rider"

Feature length training film: 75 minutes
Discusses basic rein aids, use of the seat and leg, explains the training sequence for all disciplines.
Includes the chapter: "How to Use This Video"

Bonus Features:
"Every Horse Is Worth It":
14 minutes
The inspiring true stories of the RRA horses used in the video.

"Lesson Time": 18 minutes
Actual lesson segments for viewers that gives tips, pointers and exercises for use with the video. Clarifies the use of the aids and discusses common mistakes and their corrections.

These videos are duplicated in small batches, labeled and boxed by hand, carefully packaged by a real person and shipped directly to you!
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Wholesale Price Information:

Single item suggested retail:$29.95
Tack Shop Special first order:$170.00includes 12 DVD's, counter top display/header, looping DVD of the 4 min trailer plus 14 minute "Every Horse Is Worth It" Large quantities are available. Please email me for a quote!

"Dressage Basics"

by Michelle Binder A.C.R.I. complete with graphics and suitable for young riders or those new to the sport.

This booklet was specially prepared and written for novice dressage riders and printed by the Spokane County Extension Service.

Price of the booklet is $5.00 per copy plus postage and handling.
To order, please contact Michelle

Joanne Mehl posters

Dressage at Devonwood Poster 18" x 36"
featuring the Mural at Devonwood, was created in 2002 in honor of the annual dressage show held every August at Devonwood Equestrian Centre in Sherwood, Oregon. The Mural at Devonwood was completed in 2001 and measures 12 1/2' high and 50' long. Gracing the indoor arena at Devonwood Equestrian Centre, this mural depicts a host of dressage horses and riders executing their movements like dancers on a stage of light, space and air.
$45 (includes shipping & handling)

California Dressage Society 20th Anniversary Poster
Created to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the California Dressage Society, this commemorative poster portrays a dressage rider and horse performing their movements surrounded by vibrant yellows and magentas which emulate the light and energy of the California climate and culture.
Poster size: 21 3/4" x 33 3/4"
$45 (includes shipping & handling)

Joann Mehl

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