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We are pleased to have completed work on the new horse training DVD "any Horse, any Rider" and on the Riding DVD "Understand Riding from the Ground Up". Please click on the DVD cover picture on the right to watch the trailers for the videos as well as the 16 minute bonus feature "Every Horse Is Worth It." This bonus feature tells the stories of the RRA horses, rehabilitated at the farm and who starred in the DVD's. Also on that page you can purchase this full length horse training DVD feature film found on the 2008 "Must Have Gift Lists" in EQUUS, Horse and Rider, Practical Horseman and Dressage Today. Please cruise around in the site and enjoy the pictures, slideshows and videos located on all the pages you find in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of this screen. We hope you are intrigued by the work you see and that you contact us about lessons, clinics and seminars. Check out the Calendar to see where we'll be this spring. Enjoy the site, the stories, pictures and videos that tell about the Relational Riding Academy.


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DVD Preview

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NEWS FLASH!!!!! We have completed the second horse training DVD: "Understand Riding: From the Ground Up" It is now available here and at local tack stores!
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This video was recently endorsed by Claus Bergener, German FEI Grand Prix Judge who says: "In this "Understand Riding" Michelle introduces students in a very sophisticated but plausible way into the Art of Dressage. Amazing what she shows and how she shows it!"

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Proceeds from the purchase of the horse training DVD you make at RRA go towards saving and caring for horses that come here starved, injured, or suffering from illness and disease. Please visit the RRA store and help us help the horses that come to us. See their stories on the "Horses" link in the brown navigation bar above. Thank you for your purchase!

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Also see the second video of the set "Understand Riding".

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Also see the second video of the set "Understand Riding".

Do you want to make your dressage horse's trot easier to sit? Are you interested in getting your western pleasure horse more balanced, soft or responsive? Do you wonder how to get your horse to stretch forward and down? Would you feel safer if your hunter came to his fences better? What is "equine biomechanics"? In this horse training DVD, ARIA certified instructor Michelle Binder teaches real horsemanship that gives riders immediate results to training techniques, helping them develop a relationship with their horses that is based in love, trust, and respect. The unique multidisciplinary approach found in this horse training DVD make it truly useful for any rider with any kind of horse. It's visually interesting and educational format is different than any other DVD training product on the market and makes understanding equine biomechanics easy. The tips and techniques can be used by horse lovers of all disciplines from recreational riders to serious competitors in every discipline. This horse training DVD is happily endorsed by the judges, trainers and riders that watch it! Over an hour and a half of viewing length for $34.95 and that includes the bonus features "Every Horse is Worth It" and "Teaching Time," make this a great value in today's video training market!

NEW! 60 page print manual now available to help you!

  • Exciting News Flash!
    "Relational Riding Video Education is very happy to be working with to bring you the horse training DVD "any Horse, any Rider." If you have questions about Dressage or basic equine biomechanics, this DVD will help you understand how every horse can benefit from fundamental dressage training. Plus... it makes understanding biomechanics easy! Designed to cross the boundaries between the disciplines and bridge the gaps between the breeds, "any Horse, any Rider" is a refreshing look at what brings horse people together... simply the love of horses! With this love in our hearts, we use the proceeds from the sale of this DVD to fund the Relational Riding Equine Rehabilitation Program. Each of the horses that appears in the DVD was rehabilitated in the program and prove that "Every Horse Is Worth It." Many thanks to for making this DVD available to horse lovers everywhere!"
  • The new DVD release "any Horse, any Rider" is getting great reviews and endorsements from riders, trainers, judges and magazine editors! Read the horszse training DVD review from the October Horse Previews Magazine!
  • New DVD release
  • A New Booklet is now available to accompany the DVD! 60 page manual designed to help you understand and use the DVD more effectively can be purchased in the RRA store.


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    "Every Horse is Worth it"
    Tells the inspiring true stories of the Relational Riding Academy horses who made this film possible.

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    Relational Riding is a unique approach to riding and horse training. Michelle combines the best natural horsemanship techniques with fundamental dressage training and has created a video that will give you a more complete understanding of the horse/rider relationship. You will see the same principles applied to recreational riding, hunter, western pleasure and dressage horses. This video is designed to cross the boundaries between the disciplines and bridge the perceived gaps between the breeds. It is meant to teach and inspire riders, trainers, judges and horse lovers everywhere.

    DVD Details: 71 minute feature film plus two bonus features: 14 minute "Every Horse Is Worth It" (click the link below to watch it now!) and 18 minute "Teaching Time" full of exercises and 'how to' tips!

    DVD Region 1 compatible
    PAL version is available for international orders

    You saw this horse training DVD featured on the 2008 Holiday Gift lists in EQUUS, Dressage Today, Practical Horseman and Horse and Rider in November and December 2008!

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    Foxy Horse and Hound, Spokane Washington
    Spokane Tack Trunk, Spokane Valley Washington
    HAV Western Wear, Spokane Valley Washington
    The Noble Horse, Whidbey Island Washington
    Cenex Feed and Tack, Everett Washington
    The Feathered Horse, Dorr Michigan
    Burns Feed Store, Gresham, Oregon

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