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affectionately called "Victor"

Jul 3, 2010

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In the beginning

Here is his story as told by his owner:

Victor was born on my father's ranch in Myrtle Point Oregon. As my father started to get out of the horse business he sold horses for cheap and moved others to a different ranch in Eastern Oregon. When Victor was two he got sent to the ranch and had a ranch hand look after him. While my dad did not know what was going on out on the ranch and how the horses were being treated he decided to have Victor gelded. When victor was gelded he was not stitched up right he had blood running down his legs and was throw back in the field with the other horses to run free with coyotes. Well my father wanted to sell Victor and send him to training so he could get a good start in dressage. My father got a hold of a lady in Eugene and had the ranch hand deliver him. When they brought him to the trainer in a rusted out stock trailer that looked like it was falling apart, they unloaded him. Trish, the trainer, was in shock and called the vet and my father due to his condition. He was about 200 pounds under weight his ribs where sticking out he had hair loss, ticks, and a skin fungus. That wasn't the worse part she saw his front foot and it was split open with maggots in it. He must have gotten caught in barb-wire or something cause it was cut so deep the vet had to clean it out stitch it and wrap it so he wouldn't lose his foot. The vet noticed this stitches were infected from being gelded.

My father tried everything thing they could do to save him and try and get him sound and out of pain. That's when Trish changed his name from Ostersund to Victor for his barn name because he was Victorious in his journey to survive. After Victor put the weight on and got his foot healed over he could start training to find a good home. Luckily someone came and bought him, but they weren't able to keep him. That's how I came to owning him and brought him back home to be a horse. Victor got his life back and his spirit. Due to the lack of time I sent him to training and he got the surgery on his foot that made his foot look normal again. Unfortunately due to the economy his care and training was too much, so it was too hard to keep his care up. Thankfully there are programs that take horses and find them good homes and give them a whole new look on life.

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