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Horse Training

"We shall take care not to vex the horse, or cause it to abandon its affable gracefulness in disgust. For this is like the fragrance blossoms, which never again returns once it has vanished." Antoine De La Baume Pluvinel

RRA does not offer horse training at this time. We specialize in teaching you to be your horses trainer. Our training philosophies remain consistent with the classical principles.

Dressage literally translated means "training". Dressage, as a philosophy of horsemanship, develops a working relationship between horse and rider that is based on trust and understanding through "training." The goal of Relational Riding™ is to apply the philosophies of Dressage, good natural horsemanship and related therapeutic modalities that have been developed over the centuries. These philosophies and other elements of Relational Riding™, allow the horse to become more supple, obedient, balanced and ultimately develop, to their fullest and most beautiful, the natural gaits of the horse.

In proper horse training, a bit response is established that allows the horse to work "in the release of the reins", engages the carrying muscles, maintains balance, thus achieving true lightness and self carriage. The horse naturally comes in front of the seat and leg with proper engagement from the hind legs. No artificial training aids (martingales, tie downs, draw reins, chambons, twisted snaffles, etc.,) are used in the horse training program except a dressage whip. Because the horse is working in release, without restriction or contraction, the concepts of forward, "through", supple, elastic, "schwung", impulsion, balance, etc., take on a different feeling than you may have associated with them before. The horse begins to express itself freely and beautifully under the rider and the joy inherent in that expression keeps riders returning to the arena for the experience again and again.

The following video was taken at Lewada in Zakrzow, Poland while Michelle studied under Polish Coach Andzrej Salacki.

This program is designed to benefit all riders and all horses. Correct fundamental dressage training can and will help you whether you are in the arena or on the trail, riding a Quarter Horse or a gaited horse, an Arabian, a Warmblood, a Thoroughbred or a pony. The concepts and ideas can be presented many ways and can be understood by anyone willing to listen and learn regardless of age, riding level, or experience.

Relational Riding principles applied to this 4 year old Appaloosa stallion qualified King of Broken Hearts for Appaloosa Worlds in 2008!

Contact Michelle to discuss joining the lesson program, horse training, fees and riding lesson availability or equine rehabilitation.

Michelle is teaching at Relational Riding Academy
3714 W Anderson Rd, Cheney WA 99004

Horse Training Rates

  • Training package: $750/month. You will get me 3-5 days per week including one or two riding lessons per week, and more in the summer during show season. Training of the horses is multi-valent in nature. All horses in training may be worked on the longe line, free longed, hand-walked, ridden on the trails, ocassionally bitted with surcingle and side reins, ridden in lessons, worked by the assistant trainers, students and ridden by Michelle. Your horse in training may also be shown at local shows for additional fees. Massage therapy, chiropractic, BioScan, Reiki, grooming (including clipping and mane pulling), bandaging as needed and other services are strongly recommended and available for additional fees.
  • Training ride: $45.00
  • Lesson 30 minutes: $40.00
  • Lesson 60 minutes: $65.00
  • Lesson 1 hr group: $40.00
  • Beginner lesson packages: Ten 30 min. private or 60 min. group lessons
    2015 Lesson Special: $400.00
  • Show school: $35.00/day
  • Transportation of your horse:
    one horse: $50.00 plus $.90/mile over 20 miles.
    two horses: $30.00 plus $.90/mile over 20 miles.
  • Away shows: $35.00/day plus room, board, transportation
  • Horse evaluation: $35.00 plus mileage
  • Hand massage: $40.00
  • Chiropractic: $40.00
  • Acupuncture: vet charge
  • Photopuncture (BioScan, low energy photon therapy, infrared): sessions will be available for $20.00

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