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Proceeds from purchases you make at RRA go towards saving and caring for horses that come here starved, injured, or suffering from illness and disease. See their stories on the "Horses and Riders" link. Please make a DVD purchase here at the RRA store and help us continue to help the horses that come to us.

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Order the horse training DVD and the 60 page manual!

Do you want to make your dressage horse's trot easier to sit? Are you interested in getting your western pleasure horse more balanced, soft or responsive? Do you wonder how to get your rail horse to stretch forward and down? Would you feel safer if your hunter came to his fences better? What is "equine biomechanics"? This instructional DVD is an introduction to Relational Riding™.
This multi-disciplinary approach to teaching horsemanship will give riders immediate results to horse training techniques, and help them develop a relationship with their horses that is based in understanding, love, trust, and respect. Viewed and endorsed by riders, trainers and respected judges! Watch the trailer and a bonus feature from the DVD by clicking the 'Play the Trailer' button below!
$34.95 online (plus shipping and handling)
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NEWS FLASH!!!!! Production is complete on the sequel DVD! Order now for $34.95 plus s/h

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"any Horse, any Rider DVD Manual"

by Michelle Binder A.C.R.I. complete with graphics and suitable for experienced riders, young riders or those new to the sport. Excellent resource material for any rider or trainer!

This booklet was specially prepared and written to accompany the DVD "any Horse, any Rider" and is full of information that will help you understand and utilize the contents of the DVD more easily. In addition to explanations, Michelle gives a great overview of dressage training, analyzes the gaits and outlines exercises used in the DVD. Chock full of photographs, DVD captures, diagrams, even a glossary of terms. 60 pages of important material you will be glad you have as you are working through the DVD material with your horse.

Price of the booklet is $7.95 per copy plus $3.99 postage and handling.
Now order the DVD and Manual together and save! Buy the bundle for $39.95 + s/h
If you have questions, please contact Michelle

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Joanne Mehl posters

Dressage at Devonwood Poster 18" x 36"
featuring the Mural at Devonwood, was created in 2002 in honor of the annual dressage show held every August at Devonwood Equestrian Centre in Sherwood, Oregon. The Mural at Devonwood was completed in 2001 and measures 12 1/2' high and 50' long. Gracing the indoor arena at Devonwood Equestrian Centre, this mural depicts a host of dressage horses and riders executing their movements like dancers on a stage of light, space and air. Suitable for framing.
$45 (includes shipping & handling)

California Dressage Society 20th Anniversary Poster
Created to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the California Dressage Society, this commemorative poster portrays a dressage rider and horse performing their movements surrounded by vibrant yellows and magentas which emulate the light and energy of the California climate and culture. Suitable for framing.
Poster size: 21 3/4" x 33 3/4"
$45 (includes shipping & handling)

Joann Mehl

Original Art!

Dressage art by Joanne Mehl featured in Dressage Today Magazine. This set of 10 Notecards features a chestnut horse in beautiful extended trot. The image floats across the surface, lighter than air, showing a trot we'd all love to ride! Front text reads: "Dressage... for the art of it!" Cards are blank inside so you can personalize your message for any occasion. Includes matching plain white envelopes. Plastic wrapped with ribbon for a beautiful presentation.
$15.00 plus shipping and handling

"No Rolkur" Tee Shirt"

Make a statement. Artwork by Joanne Mehl and featured in the DVD "any Horse, any Rider" is given the "just say no treatment" and says in no uncertain terms that hyperflexion is not the way to go! Not for the faint of heart, you will make a political statement when you wear this shirt. Heavy weight T comes in white, or grey in small, med, large, 1X and 2X.
$21.00 plus shipping and handling

Equestrian Ceramicware

Enjoy the sport you love all the time with this beautiful ceramic dinnerware. Service for four includes cup, saucer, dinner plate, salad/dessert plate and soup bowl. Choose dressage, jumping or set of four different mare and foal images. These images may be ordered on gold rimmed award plates for your show or organization, contact us at RRA for details and prices.
$100.00 plus shipping & handling


Joanne Mehl Art

These fired images used on ceramic and porcelain only by Relational Riding Academy are offered exclusively for the artist by RRA. Images are signed by the artist! Suitable for entertaining or everyday use, enjoy the sport you love all the time with these beautiful ceramic mugs. The elegant teapot/cup set includes 2 darling 8 oz cups so you can enjoy tea with a friend! Dresser boxes are beautiful and functional, unique and thoughtful for the horse lover on your gift list!
To get more information about beautiful porcelain award plates or mugs for your show or organization that feature any of the art images seen in the RRA store, send an inquiring email
coffee cups $11.00; giant 16 oz. mugs $15.00; teapot/cup set $23.00, dresser/jewelry box $24.95.00 plus shipping and handling


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