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Sonny's After Parr

Affectionately known as "Pepper".

Current Status: SOLD

A grandson of the great Quarter Horse sire Zan Parr Bar, royally bred "Pepper" was an amazing horse to have had the pleasure of riding and training. He had wonderful gaits and a great mind. Like the other horses in the program, I asked Pepper to do a wide variety of things. As you watch the video, know that all the segments were filmed in one morning! You see Pepper presented as an English Pleasure Horse or Hunter Under Saddle, then he jumps several fences finishing over a three foot vertical. Then we change tack and work a bit of training level dressage, eventually schooling a little baby half pass. After that, Pepper's clothes are changed yet again for the western work. Finally, Pepper's bridle is removed and he goes for me in just a soft neck rope. This horse was trained!

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