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  • A Study in Equine Rehabilitation

    The horse training DVD "any Horse, any Rider" features 6 very special horses. These horses are dressage horses, western horses, hunters and recreational horses. At RRA many of the horses have had issues that we have helped them overcome through dressage training techniques and various therapeutic methods. Some have been seriously starved, others have had illnesses and injuries that were literally life threatening. Most people would not have tried to save them. Several of the horses were actually scheduled for euthanasia but were donated to RRA instead. Through careful treatment and management protocols, these horses have not only been saved, they have recovered to lead useful lives in the RRA horseback riding lesson program. The video below is called "Every Horse Is Worth It" and it tells the stories of the RRA horses that appeared in the horse training DVD "any Horse, any Rider." You will find it as a bonus feature on the DVD as well!

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    When you make a purchase here on the website at the RRA Store or on the DVD page, the proceeds go toward taking care of the horses that come to RRA. With your help, we can continue to do what needs to be done to help heal these wonderful animals.

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    At the left, follow the links to see photos and video footage on the pages that tells the stories of the horses. Some are rehab horses, some are horses that have been in training, some belong to the breeding program but all of the stories are interesting. Enjoy exploring the pages and meeting the equine friends that grace RRA with their presence. We are lucky to have had the opportunity to work with all of them!

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