ABOUT the Healthy Equine Association for Rehabilitation and Training:

HEART is a 501(c)3 Public Charity and a Washington State tax exempt, charitable organization that specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of horses that may be candidates for euthanasia specifically for the purpose of returning them to a useful life working in educational and school horse programs including one for economically disadvantaged children and adults.

RRA's extensive history working in both equine rehabilitation and riding instruction makes us perfectly suited to work with both the horses and students who participate in HEART programs. This page has information about horses who are already involved in HEART's rehab and lesson programs. To donate funds for rehab, to sponsor lessons for a disadvantaged child, to receive an application for scholarship for your child, or to receive an application for a horse donation, please contact Michelle via email at bmkb65@hotmail.com.
AND REMEMBER! Your contributions to HEART are tax deductible donations to a federal 501(c)3 public charity.

Help make a child's dream come true! Make a tax deductible contribution to help HEART get the Scholarship Fund started. Your help makes sure that young people who would not otherwise have a chance to be with a horse actually have the opportunity to do so. Help us make sure they know that NOTHING is impossible!

2015 Winners were awarded $1450.00 in Scholarships! Congratulations to:
Emily D., Nile Mile Falls Wa "Regional Organization Member" (WSH) and "School District" Scholarships
Taylor H., Spokane Wa "School District"
Nicole G., Veradale, Wa "School District"
Abigail G., Verdale, Wa 2nd place, "School District"
Maggie H., Jeffersonville, NY "National Organization Member" (NAWD)
Gianna T., Spokane, Wa "Local Organization Member" (4-H)

2016 Winners were:
Emily D Regional Organization, School District
Jaylynn N School District, Cowboy Dressage
Jerrila M School District, HEART Volunteer
CariLynn W School District
Emma S. Cowboy Dressage

Congratulations to all!

2017 Winners were:
Emily D Regional Organization, School District
Jaylynn N School District, Cowboy Dressage
CariLynn W School District
Destiny Otoupalik School District and Cowboy Dressage

Congratulations to all!

2018 Scholarship Winners!
Emily D Regional Organization,
Allyssa B. School District
CariLynn W School District
Morgan B School District and WaHSET
Jordan B School District and WaHSET

Congratulations to all!

2019 Scholarship Winners!
Emily D Regional Organization,
CariLynn W School District

Congratulations to all!

2020 Scholarship Winners!

Cassie P Military Assistance
CariLynn W School District

Congratulations to all!

2021 Scholarship Winners!

Sophia W School District
CariLynn W School District
Reagan C School District

Congratulations to all!

2022 Scholarship Winners!

Reagan C School District
CariLynn W National Organization; WDAA
Myriam E Home School
Magdalen E Home School

Congratulations to all!
to receive and application, email Michelle at bmkb65@hotmail.com

Help build the 2023 HEART Scholarship Fund even bigger now!

The HEART General Fund functions to pay for care for the horses in rehabilitation or working in HEART programs. Feed, farriery, veterinary care, supplements and pharmaceuticals that the horses need to stay happy, comfortable and sound are paid for by sponsors and donors like you. Every horse rescued and returned to a valuable life is a horse that is safe and cared for while taking care of young people who love horses. Help us continue to insure that they are loved and make a difference in the life of a child.



A Study in Equine Rehabilitation

The horse training DVD "any Horse, any Rider" features 6 very special horses. These horses are dressage horses, western horses, hunters and recreational horses. At RRA many of the horses have had issues that we have helped them overcome through dressage training techniques and various therapeutic methods. Some have been seriously starved, others have had illnesses and injuries that were literally life threatening. Most people would not have tried to save them. Several of the horses were actually scheduled for euthanasia but were donated to RRA instead. Through careful treatment and management protocols, these horses have not only been saved, they have recovered to lead useful lives in the RRA horseback riding lesson program. The video below is called "Every Horse Is Worth It" and it tells the stories of the RRA horses that appeared in the horse training DVD "any Horse, any Rider." You will find it as a bonus feature on the DVD as well!

"Every Horse Is Worth It" Play in your viewer

When you make a donation here on the website the proceeds go toward taking care of the horses that come to HEART. With your help, we can continue to do what needs to be done to help heal these animals and return them to a working life loved by children and adults alike!

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At the left, follow the links to see photos and video footage on the pages that tells the stories of the horses. Some are rehab horses, some are horses that have been in training, some belong to the breeding program but all of the stories are interesting. Enjoy!

"Entrust your work to the LORD and it will succeed." Prov. 16:3

Oct 16, 2022
Western Hoe Down and Wild West Kids Carnival

Fun for the WHOLE family!
Join us for a fun day at RRA with a "Locos" catered BBQ, games, pony rides, music and demonstrations!
Ticket price includes dinner and admission so come out from 2:00-5:00pm for family fun and great food
Use the PayPal button for each ticket you need


Help "Dynamo" stay with HEART

Join HEART raising funds to help safely maintain this beautiful Quarter Horse colt as he grows and matures with the kids who have come to love him. We are raising money to help HEART purchase and take care of Dynamo thru the Healthy Equine Association for Rehab and Training and your contribution will help make sure that he has good care throughout his life. Whether you donate change, $5 or $500, every little bit helps. HEART thanks you for your support. HEART is currently caring for several rescue horses that have recently arrived at Relational Riding Academy so we appreciate your generous donation!

Watch the drill team at Cowboy Dressage World Finals!

  • Friend the Drill Team on Facebook at

    Watch Favory Ilke III at a 2013 HEART Grant acceptance performance.

  • Favory Ilke III

    Many horses have been helped over the years. Starvation cases, lameness, illness, retirements and horses whose owners just can't keep them any longer.

    Use this link to watch the HEART horses in action with their volunteer riders perform the first HEART Drill Team ride at the 2014 WILD WEST KIDS CARNIVAL held in Cheney Washington.

  • HEART Horse First Drill

    Charlie, Abbey, Mercedes and King have found new homes!

    Some of the horses in the rehab program are ready to go to new homes! With their rehabilitation complete and now with several months of riding in the lesson program, a select few of our special horses are ready to move into new careers with you. In order to open up space for new rehab projects to come in, we need your help in "rehoming" the ones that are ready. Please email us with your request to purchase or adopt a HEART horse. Click on the name of the horses at the left for more information about horses in the program.

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