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Eskape is 1987 Arabian gelding by the great Polish sire Negatraz***. He has had a wide and varied carreer as a show horse and came to Morgan at age 16 having been retired from the Class A Arabian Circuit. In summer 2006, Eskape was injured in his turnout, badly tearing his flexor tendons in the right hind leg. Careful management and rehabilitation allowed Eskape to return to competition in 2007. Eskape taught Morgan to ride western and english and in 2007 Morgan rode Eskape to win WSH NEZ Year End Hi Point Arabian Trophy as well as the Hi Point Jr. Equitation Rider Award, despite having to recover from a severe traumatic injury to his sacrum. Eskape has retired to the life of the well loved school horse at Relational Riding Academy.

At "Fistfull of Silver" 2007

with Morgan in classes

At "Ride the West" 2007

Bridleless with Michelle

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Morgan graciously allowed me to ride Eskape in a bridleless demonstration at our local Horse Expo, "Ride the West" in 2007. Eskape performed flawlessly before a crowd of 500 people despite the loud speaker, lights and various distractions in the arena. Thank you Eskape! The man that played the part of the "Man From Snowy River" is my father, Richard. I thank him and my mom for all their support during the development of my career as a rider and trainer.

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