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Clinics & Seminars

  • Clinics periodically at several locations around Spokane, WA
  • Clinics periodically at several locations around Portland, OR



You, your local horse club or 4H club can sponsor a Relational Riding™ Clinic or Seminar in your area!


Options are:
RRA Basic Clinics are 1-3 days in length, usually over a weekend. Riders may take as few as one ride, but one ride each day of the clinic is recommended. Clinics require a minimum of 10 riders each day in individual lessons, and have a maximum participation of 20 riders in private 45 minute lessons.
RRA 3 Day Clinics are much more intense than the Basic clinic. They are also a great value for participants and loaded with information. A maximum of 20 riders ride all three days in semi-private (2 riders) 1 hour lessons. This clinic includes an unmounted ground workshop for all participants, friends, and auditors.
RRA Intensive Stays are designed for the serious rider who wants to make progress fast. Work for both horses and riders is carefully managed and balanced to produce optimum results and awesome breakthroughs in understanding riding and training through many phases of development. Riders may bring any type of horse to study western, english, jumping, dressage and combined training.
  • Basic Clinic: minimum 10 riders, maximum 20 riders @ $55.00/45 min lesson
    plus airfare, hotel, meals, transportation
  • 3 Day Basic Clinic: up to 20 riders in 10 semi-private lessons each day and includes 1 evening unmounted workshop. Rates depend on clinic type, and costs for meals, lodging and transportation
  • Intensive Stay: 7-14 day stays at the farm include chiropractic and massage for both horse and rider, daily work for the horse, up to 3 lessons per day for the rider on their own horse and on RRA program horses. Other activities include longeing, show prep, grooming and outside "non-horsey" activities. This program is available for riders 15 and up!
    airfare, hotel, meals, transportation of horse and rider are the responsibility of the participant. Lodging may be available on-site, or with an RRA family. Make arrangements with RRA.

RRA Full Seminar

$2000.00/day, up to 8 horse/rider combinations per day.
2 lessons with Michelle (first one 45 min, second one 30 minutes).
Chiropractic adjustment for horse & rider.
Massage for horse & rider.
DVD of before and after rides.

The seminar has many parts. RRA Seminars are designed for riders to immerse themselves in the physical aspects of riding and training. RRA staff members travel to the seminar site to bring you high quality care and instruction. Horses and riders receive a 45 minute private lesson lesson with Michelle, followed by any 2 components (massage, chiropractic adjustments, LEPT treatments, or Reiki) on site. The pair is then worked again in a 30 minute lesson. Both ridden lesson segments are video taped for the rider to keep. The Seminar includes lectures, unmounted workshops and exercise sessions designed specifically for riders. Because of the complexity of the Seminar, please contact RRA for available dates and seminar details for your state regarding the chiropractic element of the seminar.

For more information, please contact Michelle.

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